Lamborghini Huracan - CGI & Photography & Retouching

A project done for a local automotive broker. The front shot was just strobe shots assembled in photoshop, however for the rear I wanted to give them something more unique. Created a cgi env and composited the car into it.

The front end shot was pretty simple. Multiple strobes assembled in Photoshop. Lensflares added in After Effects using Optical Flares.
For the rear end shot I wanted to put the car somewhere else. In 3D studio max I created a desert type enviornment using the Plugin Forest Pro. Using their assets along with Evermotion archmodels I was able to create the enviornment in a matter of hours. Rendered final image using Vray. 
Below is a video which is a small overview of the 3D file and the photoshop file.
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